Lexington Wedding Photographer. Whitney & Rick. Married. (Surprise!)

28th Jul 2011 Weddings 5
Lexington Wedding Photographer. Whitney & Rick. Married. (Surprise!)

I should probably apologize now for this MASSIVE post, but there is something different about this wedding. This wedding was originally believed to be an engagement party by its guests. Whitney is from Kentucky, but her now husband Rick is from the land of Oz – Australia, where the two now live. A surprise wedding was the natural response to such a geographical conundrum. Whitney put this ENTIRE affair together in 3 weeks… 3.weeks. Using the Hunt-Morgan House and Darae & Friends were fantastic choices in venue and catering. Rick’s dad married the two lovebirds and Whitney’s best friends acted as bridesmaids (preceded by their surprising/teartastic -coined!- introduction to Whitney and Rick’s plans, of course). Whitney and Rick combined elements from both home countries into the details of the wedding, and I suffered from emotional overload observing all the love displayed by everyone that day.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Such a beautiful set of photos! And a really special couple : ) Wonderful work.

  2. Angie Turner says:

    Wow… this event has been captured beautifully. Great shots that perfectly tell the joy of the day. Thank you.

    Angie (Rick’s sister)

  3. Chris says:

    Great photos, U Somehow made an ugly sod look good. Whitney Looks Great anyway

  4. Adam Turner says:

    Hi Jessica, I have just spent some time with my lovely wife Angie, Rick’s older sister, viewing your work. I feel blessed to have seen these shots, and glimpsed the intimacy, love and affection shared by all at the wedding. Thank you so very much, we are touched.

    To have Whitney as our new sister in law is such a wonderful thing for us all and we are delighted for both Rick and Whitney.


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